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Vascular Lesions

Diagnosis & Treatment of Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesions are very common and can affect people of all age. They can range from those that are present from birth or shortly after (vascular birthmarks are among the most common form of vascular lesion) through to acquired lesions such as a pyogenic granuloma (i.e. a skin growth that is small and smooth, and usually red in colour). Birthmarks can appear on any area of the body and form in any size; they can be the size of a ten cent piece, or they can cover an entire portion of the body such as the face. In some instances, the location and severity of a vascular lesion can leave its bearer feeling self-conscious. If you’re looking to undergo laser treatment for vascular lesions for an improved quality of life, make an appointment for vascular lesion treatment today at Mole Check Clinic.

How Vascular Laser Therapy Works

Mole Check Clinic provides laser treatment for vascular lesions that’s designed to reduce the visible features of the condition. We apply our state-of-the-art Excel V laser technology to the affected area of the skin. This laser produces a high intensity light beam that converts into heat energy and helps to generate new collagen, which helps to heal the skin and minimise the severity of the lesion. For more information on vascular laser therapy, speak to one of our experienced practitioners.

Mole Check Clinic provides vascular lesion treatment at our clinics in North Fitzroy and on St Kilda Road in Melbourne, near the CBD. To find out more about the treatment, including the vascular laser treatment cost, call us now on 1800 665 324 or request a call back

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