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Skin cancer is a serious health concern for Australians of all ages. Yet despite efforts to raise awareness, over 2,000 people still lose their lives to the disease each year. If you’re concerned about your level of sun exposure, or if you’ve noticed any suspicious spots on your skin, the team at Mole Check Clinic is here to help. Our skin cancer clinic in Surrey Hills provides comprehensive early detection services, including full body skin checks and mole mapping, giving you the best chance of catching skin cancer early for an improved prognosis.

Services at Our Skin Cancer Clinic in Surrey Hills

Our clinic offers a range of services to assist with skin cancer detection and treatment, including:

  • Full Body Skin Check – Our experienced doctors use a dermatoscope to examine every section of your skin, looking for any suspicious spots or lesions. We recommend a full body skin check in Surrey Hills at least once a year to catch any potential skin cancers early and give you the best chance of successful treatment.
  • Mole Mapping – Our mole map in Surrey Hills takes photos of every part of your skin, recording the position of individual moles and lesions. These images are stored in a secure database and can be compared later on with newer sets of images to identify changes to suspicious spots, assisting with detection and diagnosis of skin cancer.
  • Mole Removal – If we detect any suspicious spots during a mole check in Surrey Hills, we offer both surgical and non-surgical mole removal options, including excision biopsy, punch biopsy, shaving, radiofrequency and cryotherapy.

Why Choose Us for a Skin Check in Surrey Hills?

At Mole Check Clinic, we pride ourselves on our expertise, up-to-date knowledge and advanced technologies. Reasons to choose our skin cancer clinic in Surrey Hills include:

  • Experienced Doctors – Our team of doctors are fully trained and highly skilled in skin cancer detection and treatment, with a successful track record of helping patients of all ages.
  • Advanced Technologies – We use the latest medical optics, clinical instruments and other technologies to ensure accurate detection of skin cancer.
  • Comprehensive Services – Our clinic offers a range of surgical and non-surgical mole removal and skin cancer treatment options, allowing us to tailor our services to your individual needs.
  • Prevention Education – We’re passionate about educating our patients on the importance of prevention and regular self-checks to help them reduce their risk of skin cancer.

Book a Mole Check in Surrey Hills Today

If you need a skin check in Surrey Hills, the team at Mole Check Clinic is here to help. Take control of your skin health and schedule an appointment today to receive the best skin cancer advice, care and support. Call us on 1800 MOLECHECK to learn more about our services, discuss any concerns you may have or book a consultation at our clinic.


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