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Skin Biopsy in Melbourne

Are you concerned about a suspicious mole or spot and need a skin biopsy in Melbourne? At Mole Check Clinic, we understand the importance of early detection and accurate diagnosis when it comes to skin abnormalities. Our qualified and experienced team can provide you with professional care and peace of mind. Whether you need a simple punch and shave biopsy or a standard biopsy for larger moles located in difficult areas, we can help put your mind at ease.

What is a Skin Biopsy?

A skin biopsy is a procedure in which a small sample of skin tissue is removed and examined under a microscope to diagnose various skin conditions, including skin cancer. At Mole Check Clinic, we offer professional mole biopsy services to help you better understand your skin health. We use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to perform both punch biopsies and excision biopsies, depending on the nature and size of the skin lesion being examined.

Our Mole Biopsy Process

During a skin biopsy, the area will be cleaned and numbed with a local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. A small sample of the skin tissue will be carefully removed using a sterile instrument. This sample will be sent to our laboratory for analysis under a microscope to determine whether it is cancerous. Once the results are available, our doctors will review and interpret them, providing you with a detailed explanation of the findings. If necessary, we’ll discuss appropriate treatment options and develop a personalised care plan tailored to your specific needs.

A Stress-Free Experience

At Mole Check Clinic, we prioritise your comfort and wellbeing throughout the mole biopsy process. Our friendly staff are dedicated to ensuring a positive and stress-free experience for every patient. We understand that skin concerns can be worrisome, but you can trust us to guide you on your journey.

If you’ve noticed any suspicious moles or spots, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. Early detection is key, and a mole biopsy in Melbourne at Mole Check Clinic can provide you with the information you need to take a proactive approach to your skin health. Contact your nearest Mole Check Clinic location today.

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