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What is a Mole

Moles are very common and can appear anywhere on the body. They are medically known as nevus and are formed by benign growth of clustered cells that produce melanin. They can be flat or raised, usually round or oval, ranging in colour from skin tone to black. Although most moles are harmless, in certain cases they can be indicative of skin cancer. They can also cause an aesthetic concern or physical discomfort if located in certain areas.

Majority of people have 10 to 40 moles. They can be present from birth or develop throughout life, rarely appearing after the age of 40. People with lighter skin and blond hair are more prone to developing moles.

Most moles do not requite any treatment. A mole may need to be removed when it is suspicions of being cancerous or otherwise harmful, when it is irritating or causing discomfort or when it is aesthetically inconvenient.

All moles should be thoroughly and regularly examined by a qualified medical practitioner.

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