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Mole Removal Clinic in Northcote

Over 2,000 Australians die from skin cancer every year, both young and old – one of the highest rates in the world. It’s important to identify and diagnose skin cancer as early as possible for the best chance at treating the disease and improving the prognosis. Fortunately, the skilled and experienced doctors at Mole Check Clinic can help. Our specialised mole screening in Northcote can detect and treat skin cancer while educating patients about the benefits of prevention and regular checks in the process. We aim to deliver the best standard of care for all of our patients, making us one of the best skin cancer clinics in Northcote and surrounding areas.

How We Can Help

Diagnosing and treating skin cancer early can save your life. Our skin cancer screening experts in Northcote boast the highest level of skill and use the latest technology such as cutting-edge medical optics, photography, software and clinical instruments. We can carry out a full body skin check, examining all suspicious moles and freckles from head to toe with a special non-invasive viewing instrument called a dermatoscope. This magnifies images of spots for more detailed analysis, ensuring that every section of skin is methodically assessed.

We can also provide a comprehensive and non-invasive molemap in Northcote. This involves taking photos of the entire surface of the skin and recording the positions of individual moles and lesions. The photos are stored in a secure database where they can later be compared with newer sets of images to identify changes in any suspicious spots. We also use advanced digital mole mapping software and optics to assist with diagnosis. If and when a spot is deemed potentially cancerous, our mole removal clinic in Northcote can perform a biopsy and assist with mole removal.

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Mole Check Clinic is one of the leading mole clinics in Northcote. Chat with us today to learn more about our services, ask about our skin cancer checks cost in Northcote or book yourself in for a skin cancer check or molescan in Northcote. Call us on 1800 665 324 or send us an email for a prompt response.

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