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Skin Check in Hawthorn

At Mole Check Clinic, we understand the importance of early detection when it comes to skin cancers. Our mole check clinic in Hawthorn is staffed with fully trained and highly experienced doctors who are committed to providing the highest standard of care. We use the latest instruments and software to ensure thorough examinations and accurate skin cancer diagnosis in Hawthorn. Whether you’re worried about a suspicious spot or simply want peace of mind, make an appointment at our clinic today.

Our Services

  • Full Body Skin Check – Our doctors employ a non-invasive viewing instrument called a dermatoscope, which uses intense light to enlarge suspicious spots for detailed analysis. This skin check in Hawthorn helps identify potential issues for further investigation.
  • Mole Mapping – We photograph every inch of your skin and store the photos in a confidential and secure database. When you return for a follow-up session, our doctors can compare images, specifically looking for changes in suspicious moles. This process takes approximately 20 minutes and is ideal for monitoring your skin health over time.
  • Mole Removal – If any moles are deemed unwanted or pose a risk of developing into skin cancer, we offer a range of mole removal options, including surgical and non-surgical methods such as excision, shaving, radiofrequency and cryotherapy.

Personalised & Confidential Care

Our friendly staff prioritise your comfort and wellbeing at all times, ensuring a positive and stress-free experience during your skin cancer screening in Hawthorn. We employ sophisticated IT solutions to maintain your full confidentiality and privacy, so you can rest assured that your personal health information is safe with us. We’re also dedicated to educating patients about the benefits of prevention and regular skin self-checks, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to take an active role in your skin health.

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Visit Mole Check Clinic next time you need melanoma screening in Hawthorn. Call us now on 1800 MOLECHECK to organise an appointment.

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