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Mole Check in Camberwell

Despite the growing awareness of skin cancer in Australia, cases are still on the rise. Mole Check Clinic is a mole check skin cancer clinic in Camberwell that offers a range of services to help you detect skin cancer early and prevent it from progressing. Whether you need mole screening or mole mapping, our team of fully qualified and highly experienced experts can help.

Keep Track of Your Moles Over Time

We’re proud to offer a detailed and thorough mole map in Camberwell. We’ll take photos of all your moles, allowing us to track them over time and detect any abnormal changes early. Mole mapping is an effective way of monitoring the health of your skin and detecting skin cancer before it progresses to a dangerous level. We offer an affordable mole check in Camberwell to ensure everyone can get the care they need without breaking the bank.

Get a Comprehensive Skin Examination

If you’re worried about a suspicious mole, the team at Mole Check Clinic can provide a comprehensive skin check in Camberwell. We’ll examine your skin from head to toe, finding and scrutinising any moles or freckles that could be cancerous or precancerous. You’ll be asked to undress to your undergarments as part of the check, after which a doctor will methodically assess every section of your skin.

We have access to state-of-the-art equipment, including a dermatoscope, to assist with identification and diagnosis. Every suspicious spot will be photographed under high magnification and analysed. We ask that you do not wear fake tan, makeup or nail polish to ensure any spots can be easily identified. A full body skin check is recommended every 12 months.

Get Prompt Skin Cancer Treatment

If any signs of skin cancer are identified during your skin check, our skin cancer clinic in Camberwell can provide you with a skin cancer diagnosis and a range of treatment options. We’re fully capable of performing various mole removal procedures using various surgical and non-surgical methods, including:

  • Excision – We apply a small amount of local anaesthetic around the mole before cutting it out with a small amount of surrounding tissue. Some stitches are required to close the wound.
  • Punch – Performed on moles that are quite small using a special tool. This procedure is much less invasive than a full excision, usually requiring few if any stitches.
  • Shaving – We can use a special instrument to remove the top layer of a mole raised above the surface of the skin, causing little to no scarring.
  • Radiofrequency – Can be used to remove raised moles on any part of the body with less bleeding, scarring and swelling. The wound also heals much faster, reducing the risk of infection. We always apply anaesthetic to numb the area before the procedure.
  • Cryotherapy – A fast and almost painless procedure that uses extreme cold to remove targeted skin lesions, destroying the cells inside the lesion.

Book a Skin Cancer Check Today

At Mole Check Clinic, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality mole check in Camberwell. To schedule an appointment at our skin cancer clinic in Camberwell, call us today on 1800 MOLECHECK or make a booking online.


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