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Skin Bruise Treatment

Bruising occurs when blood gets trapped below the skin’s surface and blood vessels known as capillaries burst from trauma, leaving behind a purple pigmentation on the skin’s surface. Bruises are usually caused by a person bumping into something or someone, and they typically appear about two days after the trauma and begin to fade after 10 to 14 days. While most people will allow bruises to disappear by running their natural course, sometimes time isn’t a luxury and skin bruise treatment becomes a necessity. If you have an important event coming up and need the severity of your bruise to be minimised in advance, seek Excel V laser treatment for bruises today at Mole Check Clinic.

What is Excel V Laser Treatment?

Looking for an effective treatment for bruises on legs, arms, back or elsewhere on the body? The Excel V laser treatment is a non-surgical laser solution to minimise redness and bruising of the skin. This occurs through the laser technology targeting the red blood cells under the skin’s surface, breaking them up so the body can effortlessly absorb the bruise pigmentation.

For the question of how to treat bruises, Mole Check Clinic provides the answer. We offer effective skin bruise treatment and bruised muscle treatment at both of our clinics, located in North Fitzroy and on St Kilda Road in Melbourne. Call us now on 1800 665 324 to find out more about our Excel V laser treatment for bruises or request a call back

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