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Non Invasive Laser Scar Treatments – Restore your Confidence.

Scarring is a natural healing process that occurs after the skin has experienced some form of trauma; usually injury, disease or surgery. The scar is a hardened area of fibrous tissue that is the result of the process of wound repair. The extent of the resultant scar can depend on a variety of factors. For scars caused by injury, the location, depth and size of the wound can affect the size of the scar and the process of scar healing itself. Genetics, age, sex and ethnicity can also influence the severity of scarring.

While scars cannot be completely removed, the visible features can be significantly minimised to the extent that the bearer can walk about free of self-consciousness. Whether you’re seeking acne scar resurfacing or pimple scar treatment, make an appointment with Mole Check Clinic for laser treatment for scars that can vastly reduce the appearance of scarring.

How Scar Reduction Treatment Works Using Excel V Lasers

There are many different techniques available to reduce the visible signs of scarring and promote scar healing, including collagen remodelling and skin resurfacing, among other methods. At Mole Check Clinic, we offer non invasive acne scar treatments such as the Excel V laser which projects a high intensity light beam. This penetrates deep into the skin, promoting the remodelling of the collagen in the skin and healing the area around the scar.

Mole Check Clinic provides laser treatment for scars at our practices in North Fitzroy and on St Kilda Road in Melbourne. To find out more about Excel V indented scar treatment and more, call us now on 1800 665 324 or request a call back

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