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Laser Treatment for Rosacea

The skin disorder Rosacea, also known as acne-rosacea, is a condition that primarily affects the face. It is a non-contagious condition with an unknown cause and no known cure. It presents itself as a red inflammation of the face, much like a permanent flush, with broken capillaries and spots or bumps on the face that look similar to acne. The condition seems to be most prevalent among fair skinned people with blue eyes that have an English or Celtic background, with rosacea symptoms appearing mostly in people between the ages of 30 and 60. Symptoms tend to come and go, however trigger factors like alcohol consumption and sunlight can exacerbate them.

At Mole Check Clinic, we provide laser treatment for rosacea that can reduce the visible signs of the condition. For effective rosacea cosmetic treatment, make an appointment with us today.

Rosacea Laser Therapy to Improve your Appearance

Laser therapy has become more commonplace when it comes to treatment for rosacea on the face, and is best suited when complemented with a treatment plan that will target inflammation in the skin for more impressive results. At Mole Check Clinic, we administer light therapy for rosacea using a high intensity Excel V laser, which produces a light beam that generates heat energy to treat the affected areas and minimise the physical signs of the condition.

Mole Check Clinic provides rosacea laser therapy at both of our practices, located in North Fitzroy and on St Kilda Road in Melbourne. To find out more about laser treatment for rosacea, including the rosacea laser treatment cost, call us now on 1800 665 324 or request a call back

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