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Poikiloderma Laser Treatment

Poikiloderma is a skin complaint that’s believed to be more a collection of symptoms than a disease in its own right. Those symptoms can include areas of hypopigmentation (areas of lighter skin caused by melanin depletion), hyperpigmentation (darkened skin areas caused by melanin overproduction), telangiectasias (better known as spider veins) and atrophy (thinning of the skin). Poikiloderma typically presents itself as a reddish-brown discoloration of the chest or hyperpigmentation on the neck. The most common form is poikiloderma of civatte, better known as sun aging. While there are no real medical concerns associated with the skin condition, it can look unsightly ? but it is treatable. For hyperpigmentation or poikiloderma laser treatment that minimises the visible signs of the condition, make an appointment with Mole Check Clinic today.

How Does Poikiloderma/ Hyperpigmentation Laser Treatment Work?

Mole Check Clinic offers Excel V laser treatment for Poikiloderma and hyperpigmentation. The laser generates a beam of high intensity light which converts into heat energy. The heat energy targets a specific area of pigmentation because cells containing an excessive concentration of pigmentation absorb the energy generated by the laser. Over numerous treatment sessions, poikiloderma laser treatment can result in a significant reduction in the visible features of the condition.

If you’re looking for hyperpigmentation laser treatment in Melbourne, we offer it at our clinics on St Kilda Road and in North Fitzroy. Call us now on 1800 665 324 to find out more about our Excel V poikiloderma laser treatment or request a call back

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