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Conveniently situated near Kilsyth, our Boronia clinic specializes in providing comprehensive skin cancer checks to the Kilsyth community and its surrounding suburbs.

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12 min (9.0 km) via Canterbury Rd/State Route 32 and State Route 7

Skin Cancer Clinic near Kilsyth

Despite growing awareness of the dangers of prolonged sun exposure, Australia continues to see rising skin cancer rates. If you’re concerned about your exposure to UV rays or have a suspicious mole you want checked, a comprehensive skin cancer check near Kilsyth can offer reassurance. At Mole Check Clinic, we provide high-quality skin cancer services, allowing for early detection and treatment. Whether you need a skin check near Kilsyth or mole removal, make an appointment at our nearby Boronia clinic today.

Our Comprehensive Services

Our skin cancer clinic near Kilsyth offers a range of services, including:

  • Mole Mapping – Our affordable mole mapping near Kilsyth involves photographing your moles to monitor changes over time, helping to detect abnormalities early.
  • Skin Cancer Check – Whether you need a suspicious mole examined or melanoma screening, we can provide thorough skin checks.
  • Skin Cancer Diagnosis – If we detect signs of skin cancer, we offer biopsies and other diagnostic services.
  • Mole Removal – We can use excision, shaving and cryotherapy to provide safe and effective mole removal.

A Trusted Skin Cancer Clinic

We’re proud to be a trusted skin cancer clinic near Kilsyth with a team of highly trained and experienced doctors who offer the highest standard of care. We utilise the latest medical optics, photography, software and clinical instruments to ensure patients receive the most reliable services. In addition, we provide education on the benefits of prevention and regular self-checks.

Get Your Skin Checked Today

Mole Check Clinic is conveniently located when you need a mole map near Kilsyth or other skin cancer services. Get in touch with us today by calling 1800 MOLECHECK or sending us a message online to find out more and book an appointment.

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