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Kilsyth South

Located near Kilsyth South, our Boronia clinic offers in-depth skin cancer checks to the residents of Kilsyth South and nearby areas.

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9 min (6.6 km) via Mountain Hwy/State Route 28 and Scoresby Rd/State Route 7

Skin Cancer Clinic near Kilsyth South

Despite increasing awareness of the dangers posed by the sun and UV rays, skin cancer rates in Australia continue to rise among people of all ages. If you’re worried about sun exposure or have a suspicious mole, a skin cancer check can provide peace of mind. At Mole Check Clinic, we offer comprehensive skin cancer services to detect issues early, including skin cancer checks and mole mapping near Kilsyth South at our nearby Boronia clinic.

Services Our Clinic Offers

As a trusted skin cancer clinic, Kilsyth South residents can come to us for the services they need. We can assist with the following:

  • Mole Mapping – Our mole map near Kilsyth South involves taking detailed photographs of moles to monitor changes over time, ensuring any abnormalities are promptly detected.
  • Skin Cancer Check – For melanoma screening or a general mole examination, schedule an appointment with Mole Check Clinic. We offer a thorough skin cancer check near Kilsyth South to search for signs of skin cancer.
  • Skin Cancer Diagnosis – If signs of skin cancer are found, our clinic can provide a diagnosis. This may involve conducting a biopsy to confirm the presence of cancer.
  • Mole Removal – In addition to mole mapping, we offer safe mole removal procedures. Our methods include excision, shaving and cryotherapy to ensure safe and effective removal.

Our Points of Difference

Mole Check Clinic is a trusted skin cancer clinic near Kilsyth South. Our points of difference include:

  • A team of highly trained and experienced doctors
  • The highest level of skill and standard of care
  • The latest medical optics, photography, software and clinical instruments

In addition, we complete ongoing training to ensure we deliver the best service and educate our patients on the benefits of regular self-checks to prevent skin cancer.

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