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Full Body Skin Cancer Check

Full Body Skin Cancer Check

Why is skin cancer check important?

Full body skin cancer check means exactly that - your entire body from head to toe is checked by one of our specialised doctors for any suspicious spots. The aim is to find and examine all spots that may be cancerous, precancerous or otherwise potentially likely to cause health risks.

Even though most people understand that they need to seek medical advice if they find a suspiciously looking spot on their body, it is possible not to be aware of a particular spot's existence if it is hidden from plain view. It is also not uncommon for people to have a significant misconception about what suspicious spot may look like. In our practice it occurs quite frequently that a patient points out to the doctor a very ugly looking spot as the reason of their concern, where in fact the doctor dismisses it as being completely harmless but instead finds other spots of great concern surprising the patient who would never have thought those were anything to worry about. Therefore, regular full body skin cancer checks by an experienced practitioner will give you the best chance of catching skin cancer early.

What is involved in skin cancer check?

When you are undressed the doctor looks very carefully and slowly, section by section, at your skin, stopping at every spot that the doctor finds even remotely suspicious. At each of those spots the doctor uses a dermatoscope which is a very sophisticated magnifying device that also shines polarised light if needed to facilitate diagnosis. At our clinics all suspicious spots are also photographed under high magnification and are immediately transferred to the doctor's computer for further analysis.

Once your entire body is checked and you get dressed the doctor will discuss and show you the magnified images on the screen and will advise on a further course of action.

What to expect during skin cancer check process?

Your appointment will last 20 to 30 minutes depending on the number of spots you have.

Please do not wear any fake tan, makeup or nail polish as they may cover spots on your body.

You will be seen by one of our specialised skin cancer doctors who will ask you to undress to your undergarments and will examine your entire body head to toe with a dermatoscope (a medical device that produces very high magnification). You may ask the doctor to examine your breasts, buttocks and genitals if you believe it is appropriate.

The doctor may need to take a number of photographs of particular spots under high magnification.

After the examination you will get dressed and the doctor will discuss with you in depth whether there was anything suspicious found in which case the doctor will show you and explain the magnified photographs on the screen and inform you if a biopsy or a follow up photography may be necessary. The doctor will discuss with you the risks of you developing skin cancer and various ways of prevention and how to look after your skin effectively.

How often should full body skin cancer check be done?

As a rule we recommend that the full body skin cancer check should be done every 12 months. However, the doctor will advise you on the most appropriate time interval in your circumstances.